July 22, 2009

Note to self. Procurar essa pesquisa:

Most East Germans still don’t feel integrated into German society almost 20 years after the Berlin Wall was torn down, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported, citing an opinion poll. The majority of easterners don’t feel “sufficiently integrated,” Gunnar Winkler, president of Volkssolidaritaet, the social welfare organization that conducted the survey of 1,900 people, was quoted as saying.

Forty-two percent of East Germans are “unsatisfied” or “very unsatisfied” with the German democratic system, Sueddeutsche said, and 41 percent are “xenophobic,” according to the report.

#ForaSarney: Pa.lha.ça.da


Support for an unlikely-sounding alliance between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and the centre-left Green party is growing among German voters, which could give the chancellor more leeway to form a coalition if she emerges victorious from this year’s general election […] Although 66 per cent of Germans see a CDU-FDP coalition as the most likely outcome of the September 27 election, 42 per cent say they would prefer a CDU-Green alliance to a CDU-FDP link-up, according to the poll [Emnid].

SPD sobe 2% na preferência dos alemães [Forsa]

Pra ler depois. Policy brief do European Council on Foreign Relations: Why the Obama Administration should not take central and Eastern Europe for granted

II. Ingleses avaliam última coletiva de Gordon Brown antes de entrar em férias: The Independent / Guardian / BBC

Hello, there.

You’re one of the producers, right? Good luck, then! I hope everything works out.

With the German election coming up in a couple of months, there’s a lot of material about Angela Merkel getting published – from biographies to comic books… (Btw, ended up writing about torture)

Best wishes,

PS: I bet Petrobras (Brasil’s oil company) would be interested in sponsoring your project if you guys lived in Brasil. Especially considering the fact that the chairwoman of Petrobras’ board of directors (who is also the President’s chief-of-staff) is going to be a presidential candidate next year.


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