relações públicas, razões privadas

July 17, 2009

Há uns dias atrás eu descobri a foto acima no flickr do governo britânico (ikr, mas se até a rainha Elizabeth tem canal no youtube…) e adicionei aos meus favoritos pq.. gostei da composição? Certamente não imaginei que faria um post sobre Gordon e Sarah Brown. Eu cheguei no flickr de Downing Street através do twitter de Sarah Brown numa tentativa frustrada de acessar seu blog.

Bom, mas é aí que quero chegar: eu não páro (caiu o acento?) de esbarrar com Sarah Brown na internet. E aparentemente isso não é por acaso.

O jornal The Independent especula que tudo isso faz parte de uma estratégia para “humanizar” Gordon Brown.

“Sarah has become the other half of Gordon in a profound way. She feels a great injustice is being done to one of the cleverest and most moral of Prime Ministers we have had since the war.”

So what is Sarah Brown’s strategy? Does she even have one? […]

Mark Borkowski, a prolific user of new media, believes that Sarah Brown has shown herself far more adept in this area than her husband could ever hope to be. “She is operating in areas where he doesn’t have any hope of generating traction,” he says. “He cannot YouTube, she can. He cannot Twitter, she can. Gordon can’t generate sympathetic votes, she can, particularly from women. They’re trying to turn her into a yin to his yang.” […]

Brown is largely relying on her own judgement. “Yes, she’s a seasoned PR professional, but I don’t think this is at all conventional PR. I think this is just part of her natural warmth and charm. I think she is trusting her instincts.” […]

One figure, who knows Sarah Brown well, believes she is simply being pragmatic and attempting to use the platform she currently has to raise awareness of the things that matter most to her. […]

The most important question, of course, is whether all this activity will be effective. According to one senior PR professional, it won’t. “It’s completely irrelevant. She can project as much as she wants and be seen in the company of Michelle Obama, but she does not run the country, the economy or the Labour party,” he says. “I don’t think this will make 0.01 per cent of difference to Labour’s ratings in the opinion polls. She’s doing her bit to support her beleaguered husband, who lacks a lot of the personality traits she has. But it’s completely irrelevant to the big picture, which is Gordon Brown versus David Cameron.” […]


Operation Sarah: How the PM’s wife is rebranding herself


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