thomas steg pede demissão (ferrou?!)

July 15, 2009

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Thomas Steg, o porta-voz do governo alemão pediu demissão. Ele abandona seu posto para trabalhar para quem? Para Steinmeier. Ele será diretor de comunicações da sua campanha. Ferrou tudo.

Steg’s surprise move has shocked and dismayed some in Merkel’s Christian Democrats who fear his inside knowledge of Merkel and her foibles might prove to be dynamite if used by Steinmeier.

Então é por isso que a campanha vai começar a esquentar?!

“There are some close to Merkel who fear that he could now provide all sorts of confidential information to Steinmeier,” wrote Stern magazine. “Steg knows everything — about the strengths, the weaknesses and the CDU’s election strategy.”

Agora vamos ser justos: Steg é membro do SPD. A decisão de mantê-lo na posição de porta-voz do governo quando assumiu a chancelaria foi de Merkel.

Some in the SPD had already long written off Steg a turncoat who sold the chancellor far better than he had to. […]

Last summer at the height of the Barack-Obama-at-the-Brandenburg-Gate-affair, Steg unambiguously and ardently presented Merkel’s point of view to the media that a U.S. presidential candidate should not be allowed to speak at the historic landmark even though a spokesman for Steinmeier, Germany’s Foreign Minister who favoured Obama’s speaking at the Brandenburg Gate, took a diametrically opposed position. The disagreement between the two spokesmen was one of the most riveting government news conferences of the last decade.

It was hard to think of Steg as anything but a Merkel man after that. […]

Even before the Obama spat, Steg had endeared himself to Merkel for his delicate and confident handling of the public furore that erupted in Germany after she was pictured wearing a dress with a plunging neckline to the opera in Oslo. […]

Maybe it’s just a very Germanic-like sense of duty that made Steg such an astonishingly reliable spokesman for Merkel and could make him just as competent to Steinmeier. But how credible will he be if Steinmeier’s campaign script calls for him to start slinging mud at Merkel?

Ética zero, né?

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ETA: Opa. Aproveitando…
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